About Inorbit

Inorbit Therapeutics AB is a privately owned Drug Discovery and Development company registered in Sweden.  Inorbit leadership consists of:

Dr Bert Benthem, 56 years, Dutch nationality (Bert@InorbitTx.com).

Before founding Inorbit, Bert served as Vice President Metabolic Diseases, Discovery, and Translational Medicine at Piramal NCE, Mumbai, India. Before joining Piramal, Bert gained extensive Pharmaceutical and Biotech management and project leadership experience with AstraZeneca, 7TM Pharma, and NovoNordisk. He took several programs to the clinic. He worked in a virtual setting while successfully implementing a virtual in vivo pharmacology department at the start-up 7TM. Bert holds a PhD in Medicine, from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. His research focus was on metabolic diseases. He has published 40 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Robert Judkins, 45 years, English nationality (Robert@InorbitTX.com).

Robert is a former team leader in the Medicinal Chemistry department at AstraZeneca. He carries 18 years experience of small molecule drug discovery in pharmaceutical industry. He worked in R&D for both large pharma and small biotech. Robert has a proven track record in medicinal chemistry and patent strategy in drug discovery. Robert is primary responsible for the medicinal chemistry, patent strategy, design of synthetic routes for new molecules, data analysis and coordination of activities.

Leadership is supported by the Board of Directors:

Dr Bert Benthem (chair, see above)

Dr Wim Mol, CEO at Immunovo BV, a privately held company based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Wim carries over 20 years of international experience in general management, commercial and R&D positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mr Patrik Sjöstrand, investment manager at ALMI Invest, Sweden’s most active venture capitalist investing in start-ups. For the last 20 years, Patrik has worked predominantly in small businesses and smaller corporations as a project manager, managing director, and chief operating officer. He also has over 10 years experience as board member for various start-up companies.

Dr Johannes Bruski, partner in Astadis Capital, a private trading and investment group.  Before establishing Astadis, Johannes was a partner in Allen & Overy LLP.  After practicing in Frankfurt, Germany, he was seconded to their associated firm Khoshaim & Associates in Riyadh and resided there for the last ten years. He continues to support Khoshaim & Associates as a senior consultant, and he currently also serves as a special advisor to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment. He has worked on many private and public mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, both for strategic and for venture capital/private equity investors, and on other corporate and structured finance transactions.