The investment opportunity

NASH Market Potential

The NAFLD/NASH epidemic, market, and treatment offer huge opportunities:

    • About 40 million patients in the 7 major markets (G7) suffer from NASH.
    • This is about 5.2 % of the population, of which 0.6 % progressive cirrhotic.
    • The prevalence for NASH ranges from 37/1000 (Italy) to 72/1000 (Japan).
    • The NASH market is estimated at $ 618M in 2016 and forecasted at $ 25B by 2026 in the G7.
    • There are no specifically approved drugs for NASH, and there is currently no adequate treatment beyond dieting and body weight loss.
    • This creates an urgent patient need for efficacious and safe drugs.

Business Strategy

To optimize return on investment, Inorbit aims to develop candidate drugs up to Phase IIb stage, before offering them for out-licensing for further development and marketing. Inorbit will also pursue alliances at earlier stages, i.e. candidate drug selection stage. This will generate revenues to facilitate in house drug discovery and development projects, further mature the pipeline and reduce the need for additional investment.

If we raised your interest, please contact us to discuss the opportunity.